Old School RuneScape: Free version and paid version

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Old School RuneScape: Free version and paid version

Сообщение zhanghuahua Пн дек 21, 2020 11:41 am

If you have enough time, then you might prefer the free version. However, if you have money and don't have enough time to collect gold, you can choose the paid version.

With the free version, you will be able to perform 21 tasks and 15 skills, but sometimes on a free server, you may disturb yourself, which may delay your progress. In the paid version, you will have full access to the 146 tasks of the game, and you can use these 23 functions without restrictions. Paid products also regularly organize preferential activities, click OSRS Gold.

My suggestion is that if you do not have enough time to invest in the game, or just want to speed up the progress, you can go to the RSgoldBuy store. Low price, fast speed, and good service. It is the favorite store for free and paid players. The price here is also applicable to all acceptable players. If you have an idea to buy, please welcome to the store for more information, click Buy OSRS Gold.
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Re: Old School RuneScape: Free version and paid version

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