39-10.I don’t like bringing this up

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39-10.I don’t like bringing this up

Сообщение liny195 Сб янв 12, 2019 6:48 am

http://www.the49ersfootballauthentic.com/laken-tomlinson-jersey-authentic , but...39 to[site decorum] 10. Now, to be fair, that was not all on Robert Saleh. A lot of the questions I’d lay on his coaching I would ask to the whole team. Why didn’t anyone execute? That said, the defense was pretty crummy. Todd Gurley may have been held to 63 yards, but he wasn’t held back from two touchdowns. Jared Goff had a 127.4 quarterback rating as he went 18 for 24 and hung 39 points on the 49ers. While they get 10. OK, two of those 39 points are part of a safety. We definitely can not blame Saleh for that. I’m not even bringing up the turnovers on the 50 yard line. Even if you’re Buddy Ryan, you’re not getting out of that situation the offense puts you in. This is not like previous weeks where we can look to Saleh and say WTH? This was bad football Youth Adrian Colbert Jersey , from a bad football team, and we should feel bad for even talking about how bad this bad game was. Still, only two sacks versus seven (four of which were by one dude) and zero turnovers. That’s your defensive highlights. Two sacks and no turnovers. Two sacks against one of the better offensive lines in the league isn’t a horrible margin, but the 49ers have again failed at getting a turnover. And it’s not like the two sacks were anything good. One of them was simply a botched snap and a gimme. But this is an ongoing thing here at Niners Nation. When sharks smell blood...well you know. Is this helping Robert Saleh’s cause? Or have the 49ers figured out that they just have issues beyond his control.That’s right, it’s time to bring back the heat-o-meter:49ers tackling issues continued in Chiefs loss So beyond a decision on whether or not to step out of bounds, one of the more disturbing nuances to come out of Week 3’s loss to the Chiefs was the 49ers tackling ability, or lack thereof. The defense at large had difficulty wrapping up at best and absolute whiffs at worst. We aren’t even going into how Chiefs running backs could moonwalk into the endzone. This isn’t a single game problem. According to Pro Football Focus Womens Mike McGlinchey Jersey , the 49ers have 43 missed tackles thus far, the most in the league. So now it’s not a player or a game problem, it’s a defense problem. The 49ers had 17 missed tackles against the Chiefs, and ten of them were split between Reuben Foster (6) and Fred Warner (4). Those are linebackers. Two of which fans hope can be the future. Linebackers are put on the field to tackle.The Athletic’s David Lombardi put some great context behind all of this: While the Raiders are getting laughed at, they at least get single digit missed tackles, the 49ers have had double digits every game. So what gives?
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